Our history.

The LANA paper mill: a highlight of the Strasbourg Eurométropole heritage.



Master paper maker Demenge Harlachol has a paper mill built in central Vosges, in close proximity to the Gallo-Roman site 'Villa LANA'.

The eponymous paper mill is born.​


Watermarks and authentic cloth paper.

The first book that we are aware of is printed on Lana laid paper, watermarked with a double C by the king's printer in Toul.

The 17th and 18th century sees the Lana master paper makers' reputation grow through the excellence of their watermarks, the authentic cloth paper and the customised production of speciality papers.


A Strasbourg paper mill.

'The new Paper factory' is set up on the banks of the Muhlwasser in Strasbourg. 

The hydraulic strength of this branch of the Ill combined with the high-quality water supplied by the deep wells provides optimum conditions for the production of excellent paper. 

Vue lana-bettina muller

Alsace returns to France.

All of the production tools are modernised.


Goal of excellence.

Premium and superior quality paper is developed to ensure an ever-improved response to market requirements. The paper mill continually adapts and modernises its paper machines.


Paper and office equipment.

The world is transforming and business correspondence and office equipment emerge with a new use for paper.

The paper mill successfully launches new ranges aimed at publishing, desktop publishing and correspondence. Distinction, Director, Manager, Antinoë and Balkis are just some of the prestigious brands renowned around the world.


1 + 1 = 3

The Vosges and Strasbourg paper mills merge. On its one site in Strasbourg, the Lana paper mill combines all its paper know-how: fine arts paper, watermarked paper, speciality paper, publishing paper, dyed-in-the-mass paper, packaging paper and luxury paper.

The company simultaneously develops unparalleled know-how in the production of security and fire-resistant paper and paper for wine labels.


Shareholders & know-how.

Following Aussedat-Rey in 1985, International Paper and Hahnemühle are the successive shareholders of the Strasbourg-based paper mill which builds exemplary know-how while taking advantage of the experience and strengths of the various entities.


Lana: a start-up with 400 years of experience.

Danish entrepreneur Lasse Brinck takes over the company with 5,000 paper references and imbues it with his passion for innovation.


Label EPV.

Lana was recognised as a Living Heritage Company (EPV), a government label awarded to French companies with artisan know-how and industrial excellence.


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