Equipment, industry, and safety.


A site located in central Strasbourg symbolises an innovative combination of modern machines and traditional techniques

The Lana paper mill stands at the heart of Strasbourg on a site spanning 37,000 m²—industrial heritage from the 19th century—with a particularly comprehensive machine base allowing us to meet the most exacting demands.

  • 2 paper machines,
  • 1 fourdrinier machine,
  • 1 hybrid machine (cylinder mould and Fourdrinier combined),
  • 1 embossing machine,
  • 1 rewinder,
  • 4 cutters with laser fault detection and precisely placed cuts,
  • 2 paper cutters,
  • 1 packing machine (reams and pallets)

Allowing for the production of 20,000 tonnes of paper per year, distributed worldwide: Lana is present on the international markets in more than 50 countries.


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